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PDF Crack for OSX released!

PDF Crack is now available for OSX. It’s totally free and based on the open source software pdfcrack.

If you’ve forgotten the password for a PDF, simply drag the file to the PDF Crack icon and wait for your password to be revealed.  Please keep in mind, this application is very cpu intensive and will make your computer become heavily utilized.  Also, depending on the speed of your computer, along with the complexity and length of the password, the program can run for hours, days or even weeks.

The application was compiled on Snow Leopard and is configured to use two threads.  The character set is also configured to use special characters in addition to the default character set.  There is some additional functionality available from pdfcrack that I hope to eventually incorporate in the application including job check-pointing.  I also hope to make the arguments configurable via the GUI.

Please use PDF Crack at your own risk.  I don’t offer any support or guarantees.

PDF Crack was made using the following:

Please download PDF Crack here:

PDF Crack

Here are some sample screen shots:

Application Startup

Application Startup



Found Password

Found Password

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