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I take photos. Many years ago, in high school, I took a photography course. My brother and I each had Nikon SLR cameras that our mom had given us.  My mom had always taken pictures and photo albums were a big part of our family.

Since then, I’ve always loved the idea of composing images as opposed to just snapping off a few shots.

Now, I’ve become a bit of a paparazzi and I try and take photos wherever I can.  However, I don’t take enough.

My camera is a Nikon D80 that my mom got for me a few years ago. It’s awesome and I think of her whenever I use it.

I also like taking photos with my iPhone.  It’s always around and sometimes I use CameraBag to add cool effects.

Here are the photo sets I have hosted on flickr. My flickr site is also available at:


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