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My IT career spans over 12 years.  I began working for 24/7 Media, in Vienna, Virginia, shortly after graduating from Kent State University in 1999. 24/7 Media is one of the world’s largest online advertising and marketing companies; I helped expand and support their Operations infrastructure in data centers across the United States for two years.

Shortly after moving to Germany in 2001, I began working for Electronic Data Systems Operations GmbH, the German sister company of EDS, the American blue chip, IT outsourcing giant, supporting GM Europe’s Engineering and Design environments.  Over my five plus years there, I was responsible for some of the most complex UNIX servers and super-computers in the world, not to mention the Automotive industry’s most powerful super-computing cluster.

After almost six years in Germany, I moved to London, England where I became an Assistant Vice President at Deutsche Bank.  There, I was responsible for many aspects of their global investment banking infrastructure.  My main role was as Utilities and Solaris Hosting Service Team Leader.  These environments provided infrastructure as a service and the SHS was a virtualization platform that was one of the world’s largest installation of Solaris 10 zones.

Currently, I am the UNIX Infrastructure Team Leader at Sainsbury’s where I am responsible for their UNIX operations infrastructure.


Originally, I hail from Akron, Ohio, the Rubber City. It’s a great Midwestern town and I’m so very happy to be from there.  Unfortunately, I have no family living there anymore and I haven’t been back in years.

Currently, I live in London, England with my wife Julia.  We’ve been together for 10 years and been married for three.

In my free time, I love to snowboard, skateboard, ride my bike (though it was recently stolen), take photos and learn about technology and computers.

This season, 2011/2012, marks my twenty-first year snowboarding and I hope to make it more to the mountains.  I’ve been getting in about 15 days a season since I’ve been in London and hope to remedy that with more trips to the Alps or at least a little riding in the local snow dome.

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