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G-20 in full swing and chaos ensues in London

Originally Posted: By David Klein on 01-Apr-09 12:06

I walked past Bank station this morning.  It was more media and police than protesters.  On Sky News, it seems as though the threat of violence is mostly fabricated.  However, the front of RBS and many shops were boarded up.

Throughout the day, I’ve seen things escalate on TV.  After walking towards Bank on my lunch break, I’m still convinced that there is very little going on and the small few being restless are being instigated by police and media wanting some sort of sensational activity.  At the end of the day, the current economic climate is dismal and the lack of action and controls by the international governments is appalling and should be protested.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t capitalism that caused the current problems, it was greed and corruption.  Greed and corruption in any system will cause its downfall.  However, that is not being protested.

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